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We love animals.


Simply put, our mission is to rescue animals. Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare (SICAW) is one of New York’s longest operating non-profit rescue groups.

Founded in 1972, SICAW is 100% volunteer driven, and funded by generous public donations. Volunteers rescue, foster and care for animals, and perform a host of other functions. Donations are used for animal care, medical services, advertising, and administrative costs.

Find Your Next Pet

We like to think of ourselves as matchmakers. We work extensively with our animals so we have firsthand knowledge into their personalities. We will help you by making recommendations based on your current life situation, so it’s a good match for both you and the animal.

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Featured Adoptable Cat

Meet Lulu, a sweet 4 month old tabby kitten. Click for more info.

I just adopted my beautiful cat Athena! The volunteers are such wonderful people who really care about the animals first and want to place them in their forever homes. I truly thank them!!
— Rosanne
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Get Involved

If you’d like to get more involved and be a part of saving the lives of hundreds of pets per year, we’d love to have your help. Here are just a few ways that you can join our team of volunteers.


We are 100% volunteer run. Whether at weekly adoption events or planning fundraising events, there are several opportunities for you to make a difference.


Many of our pets live with a wonderful “foster parent” until they are adopted into their forever home. Because we do not have a single physical location to house our animals, our fosters are vital.

Make a Donation

We operate on generous donations from our members and friends. Whether a one-time monetary donation or a recurring donation, your gift is used solely to care for our animals.

Adoption Stories



Freddy had a rough start in life. He was found on the street as a young kitten and then lived in a cage for several years before he got to the Adoption Center.

At the Adoption Center, Freddy learned to enjoy human contact, eagerly hand or head butting volunteers. With his endearing personality and adorable tuxedo looks, he quickly became a volunteer favorite! Freddy enjoyed playing too- but only from the comfort of his enclosure. His time in a cage had made him a bit agoraphobic.

Then, one eventful day… along comes Kara and Anthony. They were ready for adoption and wanted to give an older cat a home. They agonized over their decision; there was also another pair of cats (Lexi & Logan), that needed them. But, ultimately they felt a strong bond with Freddy and, decision made, they scooped him up and took him to his furever home.

Today Freddy is living the life! With his Meowmy’s love and patience, he is slowly learning to come out of the shadows and into the sunshine. He has a safe place where he can hide when he needs to, and loving pet parents who are ready to do what they can to make him feel safe and loved. This is easily one of our favorite adoption success stories. And, as an added bonus, Lexi & Logan were also adopted a week later. Karma?

Want to start our own adoption story? Check out our adoptable cats right Me-ow.